Christian Centre Church Worship Team

Christian Centre Church is a community church serving the Jane/Finch community.  These incredible folks are their church's worship team.

Carina Li - Registration & Conference Administration

Carina has lived in Downtown Toronto her whole life.  She is part of the St. Lawrence community.  She's a recent graduate of Social Work at Ryerson but she loves school so much she's going back to do her Masters at York University.

Jon Ferreira - Marketing & Conference Co-ordinator

Jon grew up in the GTA and loves Toronto a lot.  He plays guitars, a husband and a father and secretly he wishes that the Raptors will let him play.

He's super passionate about many things.  He uses his creativity to display how much he loves his Jesus, his family and the city.

Sheryce Nguyen - Planning Team

Sheryce is part of Move-in and she has been their Scarborough Representative for the past four years.  She used to be a pastor at Danforth Community Church and has been serving in ministry in the city for 8 years.  This fall, she's about to become a momma!

Paula Isabella - Planning Team & Em.cee

Paula is also speaking in one of the workshops in addition to being the emcee of the event.  So you'll hear her a lot.  She's funny and loves to laugh so that shouldn't be a problem.

She also loves the Jays.

Ejay Tupe - Producer

Ejay loves the city.  He's been living and serving in ministry in downtown Toronto for over 13 years.  He just became a dad and loves his wife very much.  His instruments come third to his love of family and the city.

He's super excited about this conference!  Praying for people to connect, make new friends and see everyone encouraged and blessed by this event.

2 Fish - Friday AM worship team

Funk ‘n soul duo Kevin Rogers and Kevin Saunders formed 2fish in the fall of ’96; they’re both preacher’s-kids-turned-pastors/musicians who write original material and self-manage their band. 2fish often sing about addiction, homelessness, security, loneliness, and faith—namely the need for a strong relationship with God. They take a stand for their beliefs in front of secular and Christian audiences alike.